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Behavioral Modification
Behavioral modification is designed for dogs that already have a basic understanding of obedience, but continue to struggle with the rules and boundaries of the household. These challenges consist of behaviors such as destructive chewing, aggression, pulling on the leash, separation anxiety, jumping on counters or people, soiling in the house, and more.
Basic obedience develops an important line of communication and a level of respect needed in the household. Owners will learn to set rules and boundaries within the home and apply them effectively on a daily basis. Your dog will learn to follow commands and instructions regardless of noise and activity level that disabling distractibility and non-compliance.
Object Retrieval and Speciality Training
Object retrieval will teach your dog to pick up, carry, and fetch items of any shape, weight, and material, based on your commands. Speciality training includes Therapy Dog Training, Utility Training, and more.
Boarding and Training
Boarding and training are for canines that are in need of uninterrupted instruction during training. This maximizes your dog’s learning process in a shortened amount of time by being placed with consistent, professional and highly-skilled trainers.

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